HB Systematic Kinesiology

Balint Hajas, Kinesiologist

Holistic Medicine Practitioner, Located in London, Balham

Balint graduated from the University of Pecs in Sports Science in 2004, and after several years of school teaching decided to pursue a career in Personal Training.

In 2016 he started on a journey in holistic health and became a kinesiologist with TASK. Now he works with clients across London and the UK to support those with complex health conditions.

He has a particular interest in the management of digestion system-related issues and hormonal problems, furthermore has worked extensively with patients suffering from depression and anxiety.

Balint at his home in London, Balham treats patients with Systematic Kinesiology therapy, which promotes root cause healing with lasting results.

About Kinesiology

Systematic Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that addresses your health problem from the physical, emotional, nutritional and electrical aspects. To find and relieve the stress which may be preventing you from excellent health, all of the above is taken into account.

It is used in the complementary health or natural medicine field and every treatment is tailored to each individual’s need.

We also find lifestyle factors that affect your well-being. Once the stressors are minimised or at least under control, healing can take place and natural bodily functions are restored.

About HB Systematic Kinesiology

HB Restorative Health is a holistic health practice based in the heart of Balham in London. We are using your symptoms and goals as a starting point to resolve the root cause of the situation.

Apart from this, our approach is simple, we consider you as a whole and how you interact with your surroundings. The goal is to achieve maximum well-being, where everything is functioning to the very best that is possible.

Focusing on the complete restoration of your health, with deep-dive diagnostics, we aim to pinpoint where the problems are residing. We are providing solutions that will make a difference in your life right from the first session.

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Our 4 pillars of excellent health


Nutrition is the process of obtaining food necessary for health and growth. Nutrition is also the science of macro and micronutrients in food and how the body utilises them.

Food not only carries substances that fuel the body and give it energy but also bits that play crucial roles in maintaining health.

How to Know What Supplement to Take

Without knowing what our body is really lacking people are most likely wasting their money on food supplements: sometimes hundreds of pounds a month.
Since kinesiology and nutrition go hand in hand, at HB Restorative Health we are able to identify what nutrients your body is missing in order to restore/maintain optimum health.


When it comes to designing a “training plan” for an individual, it’s usually common practice to consider the person’s current fitness level.

Since for example, different organs are connected to different muscles in the human body other things need to be looked at too. With that in mind, we will give you recommendations on how to regain/maintain physical fitness with your health condition in view.


Our Subconscious & Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a simple and very powerful practice of training our subliminal mind. In the back of our mind, a programme is running which we are most of the time completely unaware of.

It has an impact on us and whether it’s about the future or the past it can add more stress on top of the pressure of our everyday life.

Kinesiology for Anxiety & Depression

Through muscle strength testing we can identify the thought pattern or belief system that is keeping you in a downward spiral. Furthermore, we can also teach you how to neutralise those programmes and where to direct your attention to facilitate better health.


Kinesiology therapy

The fundamental premise of Kinesiology is that the body has an innate healing force and is doing its best to care for itself. However, sometimes it needs a little assistance to achieve this state. It is one of the best holistic health modalities because it is not limited to dealing with disease. Kinesiology therapy brings people closer to achieving any goal of their choice, in sports, relationships, family, learning, career, or coping with life in general.

During treatment, manual muscle strength testing is used to identify blockages within the body, then various techniques are applied to correct those. Essentially it’s the body’s language to communicate it’s conditions for health. In case of a more serious problem to facilitate recovery, this information is evaluated and addressed accordingly by a broad spectrum of manual and non-manual therapeutic procedures.


It’s all about communication

Muscle response testing is a tool to map out and restore the imbalances in your body structure.

The body never lies

Sometimes we simply don’t know what the body is trying to say. You can learn more about your body and get a deep-dive insight into understanding how you can communicate with your body.

Woman grasping her chest. Does she need a Kinesiology consultation?

The symptoms are our friends

Observing the indicators lead us to the underlying cause of the problem. If we embrace the symptoms, we will result in finding the optimal solution.

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