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This service provides ways to improve your physical and mental health that prolong your life span.

Sports performance

Gain and/or mantaine your advantage by systematic kinesiology therapy during your preparation. Mobile kinesiology appointments are also available to book for athletes with a demanding schedule.

What is Kinesiology?

Systematic Kinesiology – uses muscle strength testing to scan the energetic biofeedback system of our bodies. It maps out where health issues stem from, and where energy drains are.
Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that addresses your health problem from the physical, emotional, and nutritional aspects. It’s a tool to find and relieve the stress that may prevent you from excellent health.

Physical aspect

Mental aspect

Nutritional aspect

HB Systematic Kinesiology provides natural health therapy and coaching for people who want to be healthier. Through various kinesiology techniques, nutrition, and basic lifestyle principles, we can help you get better. We offer ways by which you can find a resolution to your problems without the use of pharmaceutical medication.

6 Areas a Kinesiologist can help you with:

Hormonal imbalance

Stress, Anxiety
& Depression


Diet & Nutrition

Sports performance

Personal life

5 Benefits of Kinesiology

Eliminate emotional and physical stress safely

It has a proven safety record. Kinesiology does not have side effects as do prescription drugs, which can cause severe, irreversible organ damage and other deleterious effects.

Identify Nutritional Deficiency or Excess

At the end of the consultation suggestions and advice may include incorporation of foods or nutritional supplements.

Aid the Natural Healing Process

Many different factors affect and contribute to our health and well-being and using Kinesiology (manual muscle response testing) clients can be supported to come into better balance and achieve their optimum health and well-being


Kinesiology is considered as a preventive treatment, by intermittently( two or three times per year) stimulating all bodily system and clearing imbalances, there is interest that it could help prevent illnesses and promote healthy tissue restoration.


All techniques used are completely natural and do not require incision into the body or the use of machinery.

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