How can kinesiology help

When assessing new clients, holistic practitioners are carefully mapping out the stress and dis-ease in the physical and non-physical body. What’s alarming is that people are often unaware of how much stress is affecting their subtle energetic systems and how much it has manifested into their physical realm. Stress and anxiety have been present for so long that their symptoms have become their ‘norm’. When a stressor affects an organ with time it becomes systemic. A systemic issue affects every aspect of our existence on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.
Kinesiology can have a profound impact on the energetic layers which filter through into the physical, and the result can be felt immediately. Our modern lifestyle is merely different from the environment that we evolved in therefore our minds can struggle to consolidate what’s happening. Driving, relationships, work, family, money, or challenges of any kind are constantly triggering our fight-or-flight response. On top of our past emotional traumas, most people are constantly exposed to further stress of all kinds which results in layers of unprocessed issues. This is how we can find ourselves in a health situation when we don’t even know where to start. With Kinesiology, we have the tools to switch from this state back to better functioning. Clearing and reprogramming the subconscious mind has an immediate physiological impact. People feel liberated and begin to think more positively.
However, the human body is complex, and all the different systems are working in concert in each kinesiology session, we are aiming to untangle some of the contributing causes of the underlying problem. We achieve better health in all realms of our existence with just one treatment.