Why Systematic Kinesiology maybe the answer to your health concerns

Health is composed of 3 factors: physical, nutritional, and emotional factors that should be balanced, forming an equilateral triangle. When a person experiences poor health, one of the three factors of the triad of health is always involved. With severe health problems and chronicity, two or all three of the factors of good health may be contributors. It is designed to find the core of your health issues by using your muscles as a biofeedback mechanism to get the proper answers from your brain and nervous system.

Physical/Structural: Those who work with the structural side of the triad of health may include chiropractors, massage therapists, physiotherapists, and other practitioners. The muscle balancing techniques used by Systematic Kinesiologists can help maintain these corrections by turning on the muscles that have been weakened via traumatic events. Many health will improve to a higher level when the other two factors of the triad are included.

Nutritional/Chemical: Currently, the chemical factor of health is dominated by Medical Doctors. Nutritionists. They perform an important role in health care by concentrating on the chemical side of the triad. The difference between the two is that the medical profession uses chemicals to control body function, in effect over-riding the body’s own autonomic nervous system. Thus, the allopath attempts to control the other two sides of the triangle with substances such as tranquilizers and antidepressants for the mental aspect, and muscle relaxants, analgesics, and anti-inflammatory drugs for structural disturbances. The use of nutrition is directed toward building tissue by providing the basic raw materials for normal body function. However, without knowing for certain what our body is really lacking, people are most likely wasting their time and money on food supplements: sometimes hundreds of pounds a month.

Mental/Spiritual: Mental health care has been dominated by Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and various types of counselors. Mental health issues often respond with less counseling and fewer drugs when the care is directed towards the other two sides of the triangle. Insight into the patient’s emotional status may be obtained by evaluating the nervous system using Systematic Kinesiology’s manual muscle testing. Mental health problems can sometimes be improved by nutritional and structural corrections, determined by manual muscle testing.

Are your health problems due to structural, chemical, or mental imbalances? With most people, their problems are caused by a combination of at least two or more triggers. For example, are your headaches might be due to your diet, your argument with your boss that happened six years ago, or the shoulder muscle you pulled? Or are they caused by a combination of all three stressors?

In a holistic setting, there is a strong emphasis on examining all three sides of the triad of health and directing therapeutic efforts toward the basic underlying cause of a problem. Often a health problem starts on one side of the triad and eventually involves all three aspects. It is important to recognize that any one side of the triad can affect the other sides, both as causative factors of health problems and as therapeutic approaches.